Will Smith Turns Down Independence Day Sequel

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He pondered, pondered and pondered and has made his decision. Will Smith will not reprise his role in an Independence Day 2 movie. And, this sucks. After months of talking- Will Smith reportedly has turned down the position of reprising his role in Independence Day sequel. Why? No official comments has been released, but it appears that money was the issue.

Director Roland Emmerich mentioned earlier that  Will Smith will not be reprising his role in Independence Day 2  because he is too expensive. But then again- talks were said to have continued after those comments but no success clearly has not come from those talks as Will is said to be sitting out the launch of a second Independence Day. Luckly the director wrote two scrips for an Independence Day sequel, one with Will and one without. But, It’s hard to believe as I mentioned before in Independence 2 being a hit at the Box Office without Will being in it.

Kevin Hart And Ice Cube’s Movie, Ride Along Hits Third Week Ontop At Box Office

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Really, is Ride Along that good. Ride Along starring Kevin Hart and Ice Cube is at its third week in the number one spot at the Box Office- so I am really wondering… are the movies currently in the theatres that bad or is Ride Along that good ? I know that Kevin Hart is a funny dude, and Ice Cube has shown that he can bring it to the big screen-but  Ride Along being number one at the Box Office for three weeks  is not something I thought would happen.

The big wigs behind the scene are laughing all the way to the bank. Ride Along reportedly was brought to life on a budget of $25 million dollars and has raked in $93 million dollars and counting domestically.

“Family Guy” Founder Introduces New Movie

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If you love  Family Guy  and loved Ted- then you will most likely love Seth Macfarlane‘s(the founder of Family Guy) new movie A Million Ways To Die In The West… I am definitely going to see this. Very intriguing. You ?

Sarah Jessica Parker Hints At Another “Sex And The City” Movie

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Sarah Jessica Parker is aging and doing so really fast, so if there is to be another Sex And The City(SATC) movie- she needs to jump on this. Not even all the air brushing can disguise Sarah Jessica Parker’s face. In the a recent interview with  InStyle Magazine- the actress gave some hints of another possible SATC movie

A part of me thinks there is one last chapter to tell. But timing is a peculiar thing. It isn’t a decision that can wait forever. I don’t want to have to wear muumuus!

Do you care to see another SATC movie ?

Dawn Of The Planet Of Apes Trailer Is HERE

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dawn of the planet of the apes

Another Planet Of The Apes trailer has arrived- and this time we hope there is more of an in-depth story line to this sequel for the franchise. Check out the latest trailer above.