Khloe And Lamar Commercial On Their New Fragrance Filed In: Hitched Celebs 12

Earlier we reported on that annoucement made by Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom upcoming fragrance,“Unbreakable,” which is now on the market. Now you can smell and feel frisky like Lamar  and Khole.  Call us too detailed, but what the hell are Lamar and Khloe talking about in this commercial, do they really think that people will believe we are that stupid in believing that a damn perfume or cologne will bring about all that intimate action.

 Just because they have released the perfume close to Valentine’s day, this doesn’t mean for them to find make their fragrance intimate. We get it, we get it, they want to  have tremendous success with their fragrance, but maybe speaking more about the smell of the fragrance and why they like it and relating on some levels of how the fragrance changes their atmosphere.  There is just no need for them to be making the fragrance all sexual.

Here is what Khloe had to say to E! Online:

 “He’s always wanted a unisex fragrance! It took a long time to create what we both wanted and would wear and love, and we found the perfect one.”

This is quite interesting, we thought Khloe would have been the one to initiate this fragrance, see how bent her family is on scrooging every where in making money.

WTF! Rihanna Is Dating Travis Barker? Filed In: Hitched Celebs 11

rihanna and travis barker in photo smiling- rihanna has her black hair do

Omg! Does anyone notice since her break-up with Chris Brown, Rihanna has been unstable in her selection of guys. Like what the hell is truly wrong with her?  Everthing from her posting of sexy revealing photos to the guys she has been connected to since things ended with Chris has us wondering if she is ok in the head.

According to reports, Rihanna is dating Travis Barker. Sources close to the singer says that the two have been friends for some time and have been dating.  Damn! Chris Brown must be laughing his ass off. This is truly not a good connection. For one, Travis Barker comes with a lot of luggage; he has a kids from a previous marriage and it has been no time since he divorced his now ex-wife. 

Ewww Rihanna, eww!  How can you go from clean-cut and well presentedChris Brown(fashion wise that is) to Matt Kemp and now Travis Barker?  We are hoping that this source is just screwing with us. Because by hooking up with Travis Barker, Rihanna only gives the impression to every guy out there that she is about the fling thang and not into building a serious relationship with any guy. Because lets be real a minute, Travis is fresh off a divorce from his now ex-wife, which most likely he still has strong emotional connection for( if you didn’t see their reality show, you should), he has kids with this woman(another connection) and he is tattooed from head to toe with piercing  in some ridiculous places on his body.  Not the typical guy Rihanna has ever shown us to have interest in. We really have to see  what develops from this, because to us, it is a joke.

Thoughts? do you like the hook up?

Vivica Fox,46 Engaged To 27 Year-Old Club Promoter Filed In: Hitched Celebs 5

Actress Vivica A. Fox, 46  is engaged  to 27 year-old club promoter Omar “Slim” White. White proposed to Vivica an 8 carat engagement ring during the Christmas festivities in Miami while the two were at the Ritz Carlton in South Beach. Vivica and White have been dating just over a year now and clearly seem in love as the two appeared on the Wendy Williams show above. This will Vivica’s second marriage as she was married before to singer Christopher Harvest for four years. Its said that three is the charm, lets hope that second is the charm in Vivica’s case. She truly does seem like a nice person and nice people deserves the best. As we wondered the thought as to if she will have a baby with her soon to be husband, Vivica answered the question for us, saying that she plans to try and do the “thing” once the tour is over.

Let’s hope all works out for her.

Thoughts? Does the age difference concern you?

Kelsey Grammar Fourth Wife In Heaven: No Prenup Required Filed In: Hitched Celebs 30

Omg! it is happening all over again with no lessons learned from his previous relationship. It has been reported that Kelsey Grammar will not be asking his wife to be, Kayte Walsh to sign a pre-nuptiual agreement  Sources close to the situation has revealed that Grammar has no desire in asking Walsh to sign  a prenup

Here is what was said by an insider:

“Kelsey is deeply in love with Kayte and can’t imagine spending the rest of his life with any other woman in the world. He knows she’s the one and wouldn’t insult her by asking her to sign a pre-nup even though his third divorce is going to cost him about $50 million. Kelsey doesn’t care about the money. He never has. This is about being happy. Finding someone who is your best friend. He doesn’t want to wait any longer.”

Are we not all in love with the person we marry? and does things not sometimes not go as planned? Yes. Doesn’t it go the third is the charm? and this has not worked out for Kelsey Grammar, it is reckless of him not to get a prenuptial agreement.  We have said it before and will say it again, if you are wealthy or going to be, get a prenup before marrying that  partner.

Natalie Portman Engaged And Pregnant!! Filed In: Hitched Celebs 28

Wow! what a blessed moment to be in.  In case you have  been living under a rock and missed all the excitement, Natalie Portman announced yesterday two big news, she is pregnant and is engaged to Benjamin Millepied.  Portman and Millepied met during production of Black Swan, a performance in the film by Portman has seen her obtain nominations for  a Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award.

Here is what she had to say to a source:

“I have always kept my private life private but I will say that I am indescribably happy and feel very grateful to have this experience.”

We are so suprise  at this news coming from Portman as it is so difficult to keep things a secret in Hollywood, and she managed to pull it off. We never suspected any of all that she said.

We are truly happy for her and hope that she will get as much privacy as possible from the media since revealing these two big news.