Kardashian Family Furious At Kayne For Freaking Out At Paparazzi After Bumping Head

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kayne yelling at paparazzi after head bump

Kim Kardashian’s family are reportedly fuming at how her baby daddy Kayne West has been treating the reality fame-whore. Yes, believe it. And, its not just Kim. The Kardashian family are reportedly furious at Kayne West for freaking out at the paparazzi after he bumped his head in-to the pole of a sign. While in Beverly Hills with his baby mama Kim Kardashian, Kayne focused on walking with his head down to hide his face from the paparazzi-only to find his head connecting with a pole. You could just feel the pain as the loud bang could be heard as Kayne walked into the street sign pole. After holding his head in pain, Kayne turned to the paparazzi, freaking out, saying:

Don’t take another f*****g photo man! … All of you mother-f*****s stop taking photos!” he said, while apparently attempting to grab the photographer’s camera. (more…)

Chris Brown Ordered To Clean Up His Teenager Looking Home

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It was just a matter of time before some action by the government came into place that would require Chris Brown to remove the graffiti art work he sprayed all over his house. Having a house does not mean you can always do what you want to it. Chris is learning about this in a costly way.

Chris’ neighborhood has been complaining that the graffiti artwork he placed on the wall of his house has been scaring children and is diminishing the value of the neighborhood. Chris was fined $376 for the graffiti display on his house.  In response to the outrage over his graffiti house, Chris tweeted this: (more…)

Here Is One Magazine Cover Kim Kardashian Will Never Be On: Model Kate Upton Snags Vogue’s Cover

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Model Kate Upton has done something fame-whore Kim Kardashian will never be able to do- get on the cover of Vogue Magazine.

It’s not the first time Kate has been on Vogue- there have been past circulating international issues of Kate on the magazine’s cover, but this makes the first U.S. cover of Vogue displaying Kate Upton. Kate who grew up in a wealthy family to a grandfather who was co-founder of an appliance manufacturer and marketer Whirlpool Corporation surely has many doors already dented for easy entry.

Jodi Arias Found Guilty Of First Degree Murder

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Jodi Arias once said that no jury would find her guilty of murdering her ex-boyfriend,(Travis Alexander), but today she was in for a shock when all standing jurors found her guilty of 1st degree murder. Jodi Arias being found guilty of first degree murder now has her life on a string in whether she is sentenced to death or spend the rest of her life in prison.

Arias has long said that murdering Travis Alexander was in self defence. Arias stabbed Alexander 27 times, slice his throat and shot him and has always maintained that ending Alexander’s life was in saving her own. A total of 15 hours and 5 minutes is what it took the jury to reach a verdict that snatched Arias’ freedom away for good. Arias defence team are now left with the job to prove to the jury that she deserves to live, and the jury are now left with another task to decide if Arias deserves to live.

Zoe Saldana Displays On C California Style Magazine Cover

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Zoe Saldana is just making the rounds of the magazine covers- not too long ago we reported on her on the front cover of another magazine, and now there she is on C California Style May 2013 issue. As always, the magazine had a sit-down interview with Saldana as they do with all celebrities who make their cover… check out the excerpts:

What it’s like being a minority in the movie world:

“I’m only aware of all these little boxes that people put me in or put each other in when they’re brought to my attention. I’m an artist, so when I read a script I just go for it…I’m able to carry myself in a very neutral way.” (more…)