From The Juicy Box: Kris Kross “Warm It Up” And “Jump” Filed In: Classic Moments,Ubran & Alternative Music 10

Former Kris Kross member, Chris “Daddy Mac” Smith is now 33. How time flies, remember when Kriss Kross was the thing. Remember those dance moves, classic.

Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon Sit Down With Baraba Walters; Revealing Twins Filed In: Classic Moments 18


Why Was Aretha Franklin Be Chossen Over Patty Labell For Martin Luther King Memorial Dedication? Filed In: Classic Moments 17

Now, we don’t want to take anything away from Aretha Franklin, she is a talented and a legend in the music arena but so is Patti labelle. So why is it that Aretha Franklin is seemingly is always called to perform following a dedication to an African American movement. What happened to the very powerful, vocal Patti labelle, she would have been a better fit for the memorial dedication to Martin Luther King above, as her voice is more powerful than Aretha Franklin and is more heartfelt.

Denzel Washingston Enters Atlanta Nightclub In Tracksuit Filed In: Classic Moments 13

Denzel wearing a tracksuit in the club not something you see everyday.

And you know your status is through the rough if you can show up to a night club looking like your going to workout at the gym and still given access to the club. Denzel Washingston really showed us his balling status and we are not talking about his finances just yet, we are talking about him showing us how big he is in the world. Denzel cleared security and went into a nightclub with friends wearing a damn tracksuit. Can we do this? 

We remember the time when we attended a nightclub and several of our friends couldn’t get into the night spot because they weren’t wearing the appropriate shoes, and here you have Denzel not wearing the right shoes, top and pants and he just walks in the club with no hasssles. Well, guess it all worked out for the nightspot and it was known that it would by whomever run the spot, they got celebrity status there for the night, Denzel reportedly dropped $5,000 on liquor for his friends and we are almost sure he took some photos along the way. So the whole thing was a win-win for the night spot all the way.  Rich people, they just continue to get all the breaks.


Straight Out The Gate Bad Dressers Filed In: Classic Moments 4

With all the money in the bank and a woman in his life, Evelyn Lozada, Chad Ochocinco still can’t dress to impress. Like what the hell kind of put together is that above. And where is his socks, ok, ok, if your going outside for a bit to take care of some things, only then a sockless feet is accepted and of course if your wearing sandles. Its just straight up nasty to me for a man to go to a party wearing no sucks with his feet heating up a sweat in his shoes, smelling and then jumping into bed with a woman. So gross.  He might have well have just worn sandles to the entertainment spot.