In Case If You Care: Lil Kim Is Having A Baby Girl Filed In: Celebrity Pregnancies 24


 Faded rapper Lil Kim wants to say: 

“Happy Easter everyone !!!! What a perfect day to share this wonderful news with U. The fab @davidtutera is throwing my royal baby shower for my lil’ princess 5/10/14!!! Thank U for the awesome graphic @dustyaceti !!!! Muahhhh!!! #TeamLilKim. Love U all so much !!! Muahhhh !!!

This is good for Lil Kim- now that her career has come to an end- starting a family is a wise choice. 

Lindsay Lohan’s Miscarriage Should Be Viewed As A Blessing Filed In: Celebrity Pregnancies 21


Lindsay Lohan’s miscarriage revelation is making its rounds. During the taping of her reality show- the rebounding actress made it known to the world that she suffered a miscarriage. Just like everything else in her life- Lindsay Lohan’s miscarriage news was revealed as if it’s like a female having her period. Lindsay dropped the reports on her unfortunate situation on the Oprah Winfrey Network when she was asked to reflect on her experience on the reality show, saying:

No one knows this,” Lohan said … I had a miscarriage for those two weeks that I took off.

She went on in saying this:

It’s a very long story, but that’s why on the show when it says she doesn’t want to come down, I couldn’t move, I was sick. Mentally, that messes with you.


Beyonce Pregnant Has Rumor Mill Saying Beyonce Is Pregnant Again Filed In: Celebrity Pregnancies 21


Beyonce pregnant rumors are working the mill once again with the desire in having you believe that Beyonce is pregnant. Should she be “pregnant,” lets hope this time it’s for real, because we don’t believe all the drama that went down in the coming of the child she has right now. Beyonce has long said that she would like to have more children, so should there be anymore addition to her family- it wouldn’t be a surprise. Beyonce pregnant news worked the rumor mill over and over again, and Ok Magazine appears to be firing it up all over again with this news with deets they received from a source:

“They’ve been trying since February, and her friends are convinced she’s already pregnant,” whispers a source. “The same things that happened during her pregnancy with Blue Ivy are happening again— she’s letting her hair go natural,her diet’s changed, she’s always blushing and giggling — it’s so obvious!”


Rihanna Pregnant ? Bulging Belly Has Many Assuming Filed In: Celebrities,Celebrity Pregnancies 8


The latest rumor going around is that Rihanna is pregnant, and the two men who may have planted the seed is said to be Drake or Chris Brown, yes that’s the talk. Now! Rihanna may jump from man-to-man, but I don’t believe she is this stupid to get knocked up by any man at this point in her life. She can be stupid, but she cannot, cannot be this stupid.

Women have that time of the month where they get that bloat-ness, and I believe this is the case Rihanna is going through. I have four sisters, so I am very familiar with the conditions that comes with that time of the month. The media would love to have a knocked up Rihanna, but sorry… I am not believing it. You?

Image via Hollywood Life

Ciara Glowing Hotness On Display Filed In: Celebrity Pregnancies 7


We already admired Ciara and her hot body, but is it us or does she ever look even more hot during her first pregnancy ?