Thanks for your interest in Juicy Tings is an entertainment focused website, covering intriguing issues with continuous daily updates. Since the foundation and the launching of, the site has been growing rapidly in dedicated readership daily, weekly and monthly and the focus of the site continues to cover an array of topics that are entertaining and transforming. We hear your request for advertising and as a result, advertising locations have been developed in a variety of locations for your convenience. Below, you will find advertising locations, dimensions and imaging for visual  positioning of your ad(s). Take a moment to view our ad placement spots below and the visuals for clarity:

Site-wide takeover ad space 1200 x 300 

Premium-high Rise Banner- 728×90

 Multmedia location adspace top-right corner 300×250

Sidebar adspace 160×600 

Sidebar adspace-beside Juicy Tings banner 120×600

In-Post ad on homepage- 350×250

 Below the page counter on home page- 728×90

Landing page content implementation 336x 280

Explanation of  Site-takeover ad: this site-wide ad placment on the background of increases your venture exposure and will display on every page of Juicy Tings during its arranged duration for display with a selected link if required pointing to your movement. Above in the main image, two white block-like cubes have been put in place to better help you understand where on the site’s background your ad will be positioned.  Please understand that there is a 900px gap in the middle where our content displays and your image will not be seen in this area, thus is the reason for you to insure the important parts of your image falls outside of our content area to the sides.

The dimensions to both side of Juicy’s content are 150px wide each side.  The height of the image blocks are 12oopx high. In the last image with the red background is a created template for you to play with in overlaying your image for proper positioning, which are as we said will be just outside the center fold of content area. Lastly, please note that your image will display according to all computer screen sizes, ranging from small to big.  In addition to your site-wide overtake ad placement, you will have the option of placing ads in our 728×90(premium banner) and 300×250(multimedia zone) locations. Should you not want ads in those locations, price still stands and ads for other ventures will continue to function in those spots. Below are additional adverting options and dimensions with explanation of advertising spots…


Premium-high Rise Banner- 728×90- this top banner of Juicy Tings displays on every page of the site during of its arranged duration.

Multmedia location adspace top-right corner 300×250- Just like the top banner of the site, the multimedia ad location displays site wide, the only difference of course is, this area plays any type of video you may have, excluding adult entertainment of course.

Side bar 160×600 and 120×600 ads: Both these adspaces will be side-by-side and display on every page of the site.

Bottom of content area 728×90 -This is at the bottom of the page and will display site wide

First page content implemented ads: This area is on our homepage just after the first post and only displays on the first page. The ad which displays on our landing page, which receives more exposure is not related to the first page content implemented post.

Landing page content implementation 336x 280- The size of this adverstising location is 360x with a high level of exposure as the area is typically the first areas people see when arriving to

Once you have decided on your advertising location(s) and time duration or if you have any questions, e-mail us HERE to get the engines moving. Time duration for ad placement are a minimum of 3 days. Should you want to promote your venture right away in our side-bar locations, you can go HERE to get it started.